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Thread: Neptune Parma Toilet Installation

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    Default Neptune Parma Toilet Installation

    So I decided to try and tackle this installation job only to find that it is non standard. My old toilet has a regular floor flange, but the parma does not appear to work with that. There are 2 holes in the body for "lag bolts" which appear to go into the floor. The toilet came with a new wax ring as well. So if I were to guess, I would think that this toilet does not attach to the floor flange at all and just sits on the wax ring and the floor and is held into place with 2 lag bolts which must be drilled. Close? I am hoping someone else on this forum has installed this toilet and can provide me some assistance. The instructions are not that great as they provide not detail.



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    Well, when you buy stuff meant for the British and European market, you often run into incompatibilities. But in this case, the below installation diagrams look to me that they install just like our toilets. Don't know if this pdf covers your model specifically. And I didn't see a rough-in dimension, so that may or may not be an issue.

    As always, I recommend you go to the design studio who sold you this and rely on them for techincal support.



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