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Thread: Placing a new tub in existing 60 inch space.

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    Default Placing a new tub in existing 60 inch space.


    We purchased a 60 inch Kohler alcove tub, we have an exactly 60 inch space in which to place this new beauty. How in the world do we place this tub into this tight area?

    It is standing on end now just waiting for your helpful reply. Thanks a million!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SDS View Post
    we have an exactly 60 inch space ...
    Is that a frame dimension or the distance between finished wall surfaces?

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    We have already removed the finished wallboard and the exposed frame measures @60 inches long by 32 inches wide. The tub is 60 x 32 x 20.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    You will need some wiggle room. That often involves pulling the toilet out, and demo'ing a little more wall than you have. Also some creative stud notching.

    Try laying the tub down flat, laying on its front apron. Those moving blankets that U-haul sells are good to protect the tub. Now you have to find cubbies in stud cavities, and as I said, possibly notch some studs, to turn it so it is in final position, just still tipped on its front. Once there, just tip it into final position.

    Sometimes, you can put it vertical, put it in postition, then wiggle it down, but if all the water piping and valves are there, that usually gets in the way.

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    Talking that is a fun job

    I hope that you have removed the tub faucet,

    because you are gong to have to...

    If you can lay it down in the room then you have it easy
    because all you have to do is slide it or sit on your butt and use your legs and feet to push it into place.....

    If you have all the plumbing fixtures still in place then it gets pretty MEAN

    you have to walk it down to the opposite ind from the drain,
    then about three of you have to lay it down into place ,,,,
    usually the lip will hit a 2x4 as it goes down and then the real challenge begins.....

    we have had to cut out the 2x4s up to about 36 inches
    high before and then re-install them on the one side. later .

    it really depends on how lucky you get and how strong
    your back is...

    have fun

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    My wife and I want to thank all of you who responded to our pleas for help. We applied everyone's advice and finally "muscled" the tub into place. It's a tight fit but it is level and waiting for the finishing touches.

    Thanks again for the timely and sage assistance.


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