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Thread: Toilet flange not level

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    Default Toilet flange not level

    Hi All,

    I have a small problem, if it is a problem..Anyway, I just finished tiling a bathroom floor and notice that the toilet flange is not level (see pic). The floor is level. It looks like there is a flange in a flange (which is even with the hardi board). Is this a big problem when reseting the toilet. It has been this way previously. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    It appears that the flange is still below the surface of the tile all around. If so, the toilet should fit. Hassle is, the flange isn't supported. It is designed to sit on top of the finished floor, so height should be okay.You need to do something to support the flange rim, and then screw it down into the subflooring. It would have been better to tile under it, but you can't do that now without great pains.
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    The problem was I couldn't get the tile under the low side. Would it be easier to cut some small tile pieces to support the flange or try and get the flange off, fill it in and put a new flange in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rayc325 View Post
    It looks like there is a flange in a flange ...
    Yes, that appears to be true ... and that upper flange should be fastened down somehow.

    Perfectly level is not critical, but the wax ring will be thinner at the high side of that flange. Since you have installed a new floor, the relationship (distance) between the toilet and flange has changed. Check the bottom of the toilet to be sure that flange can go up inside it while still leaving enough room for the wax ring.

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    Default flange

    Personally, I would have discarded that all plastic flange before tiling, because it could give you problems down the road when it distorts and cracks, which is probably what happened to the lower one. As long as the high side does not touch the toilet's bottom it should be okay.

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    Happy 4th everyone!

    Thanks for the responses. The top flange is fastened down by being glued, I am guessing, to the inside of the bottom flange. It won't move. Is there an easy way to get it out without messing up the bottom one?

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