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Thread: Outside Condenser Unit Off

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    Default Outside Condenser Unit Off

    Last weekend, I replaced the condenser motor in my Air Ease heat pump (circa 2004) outdoor unit. The system ran beautifully all week until last night.

    Now, neither the fan, nor the compressor will kick on. The indoor air handler comes on fine.

    Things I've done/checked:
    Reset breakers (both for the heat pump and the air handler)
    Looked for a reset switch
    Verified 220V at outdoor cut off box and at contactor input.
    Verified 24V signal at control board from thermostat.
    It appears as though no signal is being sent from the control board to the contactor.

    Is there something I'm missing?

    BTW, I was promised a service call today from my friendly local HVAC contractor, but none has showed. It's going to be a long hot weekend.

    Thanks for any info!!

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    There's usually two motors in the condenser unit, well, one is the compressor; the other is the fan motor. Is either coming on? I'm assuming you changed the fan motor, as replacing the compressor is usually beyond the average homeowner (specialized tools including gauges, vacuum pump, recovery system, etc.). Is the 24vac getting to the unit? That pulls in a contactor which starts everything running. You might be able to hear a click if someone operates the thermostat. That will work even if there's no power to the condenser unit.
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    Well, the HVAC contractor came after a very long day. Seems that I've leaked all my freon. I suppose low pressure safety keeping the signal from getting to the contactor.

    I guess it is keep it simple stupid. If I had a manifold, I suppose I could have checked freon level. Oh well, gotta pay the man sometimes I suppose...


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    Default ac

    You would still have had to pay the man, unless you are certified to buy Freon or other refrigerant gases.


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