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Thread: Recommended Suppliers in SoCal?

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    Default Recommended Suppliers in SoCal?

    I'm starting a remodel and looking for some good places to purchase a tub, toilet, sink, and fixtures in the Southbay area of SoCal.

    Any suggestions on who has the best prices/selection and sells to genpub?

    I have so far found plumbers warehouse in carson.


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    I can't tell you where to find good suppliers, but I can tell you to avoid Big Box Stores. They sell inferior products, seconds, blems, and no name junk. Unfortunately, in the plumbing industry many plumbing supply houses will only sell to licensed plumbers. It is not the same as in the auto parts business where they will give pros a better price, but the general public can at least buy from them. I would suggest you look through the Yellow Pages and find shops that specialize in plumbing products then check to see if they will sell to the public. I'm sure there are some around, you just have to look.

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    Well I got a quote from the mentioned plumbers warehouse on a kohler tub at approx 30% off kohler's suggested retail. Not sure how pricing is structured but is this the best i should expect to find?

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    Seems in the ballpark. Commercial accounts may typically get anywhere from 20% to 40% off list, depends on the items, etc. Another way to look at it, list price is probably 100% marked up over a dealers cost. A box store probably sells the same item on a 35% margin over cost. Works out to be in the same neighborhood.

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    Find a local "Pacific Sales" store. Wide assortment of quality products at reasonable prices.


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    Pacific Sales is usually higher priced and less willing to cut deals in my experience (direct to customer).

    I ended up getting the tub for approx 35% off retail. Their cost was 55% off retail.

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    I ended up getting the tub for approx 35% off retail. Their cost was 55% off retail.
    What supplier did you end up using? Are you happy with the supplier? I might buy from Reback's on Western and 146th in Gardena but I do not have any first hand experience.


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