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Thread: the Bachelor with Jason Mesnick, pictures & video

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    Default Life imitates Art.

    Life imitates Art.

    In the Summer of 2007, before anyone had ever thought of the bachelor, or the bachelorette use of red roses, the Webcast music video had been shot. It was the producers idea, the red rose on Lui's cymbal, the ring being taken off the hand, and thrown at the jilted lover, landing in a sea of red rose petals. Pretty cool video for a band, hoping to make the big time.

    And then the next year, that woman's ex, Jason Mesnick becomes a contestant on the Bachelorette.

    And people asking if the video was being make because of Jason.
    Jason who?
    Who could have possibly guessed that Hilary's ex would be on national television looking for love.
    We would bump into Jason and Hilary at clubs and shows in Seattle, but it was part of the music scene and common friends. Jamie and the band on stage, me with my camera's taking video for my local television show.
    I first talked to Hilary during the webcast shooting. I've been shooting video for years though of my kids and what they are doing.
    For years, I would shoot high school games, and kids would show up to watch the video.
    The guitarist in the band, Mike Wuellner played basketball against Jamie in second grade, and years later, friends and band mates.
    I really thought they would have a better chance playing college ball, never even thinking of music, that had been my thing when I was young.
    But it was Jamie, Mike, Lui and Jason (Shavey) that wound up playing the big stages, even spending some time in Los Angeles looking for the big break. There were some shows when they would play for 2-1/4 hours without a break, and most of the time no break even between songs, just one song sliding into the next. In Alaska they would play at the radio station, and the paper would do a story on them. Alaska, the last time was right after the Governor had been asked to run. Crazy times.

    But even more crazy, how some idea of roses and break ups would be more strange and "what the? then some idea written into a video was being played out on national tv.

    Here is the band playing the song "Happy" live with Geoffrey Castle at the Showbox in Seattle. Geoffrey also plays on the CD.
    Geoffrey breaks it down pretty good at the end with his violin.
    Happy Live footage Video at the Showbox with Geoffrey Castle

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