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Thread: the Bachelor with Jason Mesnick, pictures & video

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    Default the Bachelor with Jason Mesnick, pictures & video

    A picture from the Webcast video shoot.

    Watch the music video with Hilary Mesnick here

    Shot around the Seattle area with the band "Out From Underneath" and Hilary Monrean for the movie "Webcast"
    The official video for the movie. OFU has three CD's out, including "Dig", "Transitions" and the movie soundtrack "Webcast". They also record for MTV on a contract basis.

    Filming the Webcast Video, Part 1
    The first day of filming on the Kirkland waterfront with Hilary the band, camera crew and producer.

    "Making the video" Columbia City Theater Video Shoot with Hilary Mesnick.
    Footage taken of the crowd shots. It was a fun day, more going on then just the video. It was more like a party. This YouTube video runs about 10 minutes and includes many closeups of the people in the video. If you are on this page to see Hilary, this is a good youtube video to watch. You see a bit of her personality here. It does look a lot better on DVD though, if you would like a copy, just email me.

    Terry Love will premier the video that features Hilary Mesnick,(Jason Mesnick's ex) and Jamie Love, the singer in the band, Out From Underneath, in a music video shot in Seattle, Bellevue and Kirkland.

    If you are from Seattle, you will recognize the Washington Ferries, Alki, Gasworks, the Kirkland waterfront and the Columbia City Theater.
    Each Friday at 11:30 PM on channel 77 in the Seattle area there will be a new installment of the shooting of the video. It took four days of shooting, so we are cutting up the fours hours and narrating the storyline for television. You can also watch the live pod cast on www.scantv.org

    I have the "new" footage from the Columbia City Video Shoot in a 28 minute television show in DVD format that will air for the first time February 13th 2009.
    If you would like a free copy, just email me at terrylove@comcast.net
    Hilary's friend Caleb Mardini helped me narrate portions of the show.

    Hilary Mesnick plays the love interest in the video, to the song, Happy

    Jason Mesnick is the local guy here in Kirkland.
    Jamie and I spent some time in the Summer of 2007 during a video shoot for the movie Webcast, Jason's ex was in the video.
    It was a lot of fun, four days shooting all over Seattle.
    David Delay was producing the video, my project, is the documentary of the the process.
    So you have the four guys in the band, and Hillary, Jason's Ex.
    So here is the Official David Delay video from the movie, including Jason's Ex.
    Hilary Mesnick, (Hilary Monrean).


    And in case you are wondering, she's very nice.

    The band's music here

    Video from KISS radio station part one

    Hilary Mesnick "Monrean" taken at the Columbia City Theater during the video shoot.
    This picture is taken from the video itself.
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