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Thread: Toto Drake Water Surface

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    Default Toto Drake Water Surface

    I'm looking at the Toto Drake toilet to replace a 1966 toilet. The Specs for this toilet shows Water Surface 10-3/8" x 8-1/4". The dealer here has a Toto Drake connected so you can see the flush action. This toilet has no water surface. All of the water in the bowl after a flush is down in the opening of the trap. What does the 10-3/8" x 8_1/4" Water Surface Spec mean?

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    If the demo toilet has no water in the bowl, then it is not connected properly. I don't see how the dealer can show how the toilet operates with not water. Any toilet, when properly installed, should have water in the bowl. This is called the water spot or water surface.

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    If you go back to the dealer, you can do them a big favor by reclipping the black fill tube so that it points into the overflow tube.
    That is what puts water into the bowl.

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    Default Water surface definition

    The water surface is the area in the bowl.
    The smaller the water surface, the more opportunity that "stuff" you deposit into the toilet will hit the sides.
    The more your "stuff" hits the sides, the more you clean up the "stuff".

    The older toilets had a fairly large water surface compared to many newer poorly designed toilets.
    Go with the Toto


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