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Thread: Hot water problem only in on room

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    Default Hot water problem only in on room

    Hi, I have an odd little problem.

    The hot water in the bathroom does not run. For a while it would run for 1 second, then bellow to a stop. Then I opened up the water supply under the sink and it ran for a minute, then slowed to a trickle.

    Here are the confounding factors:
    I noticed this immediately after taking a nice hot shower (no hot water problems)
    Two days ago, I replaced my dishwasher, which involved a lot of shutting and closing of supply line valves. But everything was fine for two days until today.
    The dishwasher and kitchen sink take hot water fine.

    We have galvanized pipes with plenty of crud in them. We are on city water with good pressure everywhere else.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    It may be time for a repipe...start saving up some money!

    Some valves have filters on the input, and those could be clogged with scale and rust. Or, the cartridge could be clogged up. You might restore flow if you can open things up and flush it out, but it sounds like the only good answer is replace the supply. Does this only happen on the hot, or does it happen on the cold as well at times?
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    When you say the hot water in your bathroom does not run, do you mean a tub/shower, or basin faucet? Is it just one faucet or everything in the bathroom?

    If it's just one fixture, there are ways to clear the line. If it's more than one, then you've got a plugged pipe somewhere that might be difficult. It's even possible that it may have a rock blocking a tee.

    Usually, it requires taking things apart, for example beneath the sink. If you have a flexible sink tube, you can put it in a bucket and see if the water goes through it, and if it does, the problem is in the faucet. Blowing back through the faucet with an air gun with the tube off will often clear the blockage.

    The same advice works for a lot of clogged waterlines: open a spot somewhere upstream, put a bucket under it, blow back through the line.

    Stops under a sink often clog because the hole the water passes through is far smaller than the pipe itself.
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