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Thread: Toilets for Rental Duplex

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    Smile Toilets for Rental Duplex


    My 1 bedroom 1 bath Duplex accidentally caught fire about a week ago. It was built in 1972, Concrete block wall, total loss inside. Good thing is I had fire insurance. Going to tear it all down and build a new duplex from the ground up. I am on city sewerage.

    I plan on building a new duplex, each side will be 2 bedroom 2 bathroom.

    I work out of town a lot, so I need something durable.

    What are the best almost maint free toilets to buy? Color white..Cost?

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    There is no such thing as a maint. free toilet...
    Sooner or later they all will need parts replaced.
    Some types are less reliable, and some are more expensive to repair.
    Probably the worst thing is a toilet that clogs a lot or needs constant adjusting to work right and not waste water...

    May I suggest a Toto Drake...
    You will get about 5 years before the tank guts need replacement.
    The parts are not expensive.
    They are very reliable I have installed them in commercail applications.
    If you clog one you should be very proud of your accomplishment and I would suggest that you diet is really low in fiber!


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