Based on the discussions I've seen here and on other forums, I just re-plumbed my domestic hot water system so the outlet of the hot water coil in my oil-fired boiler connects to the inlet of the electric hot water heater that had been standing unused next to it.

The electric hot water heater outlet is now connected to the hot water line that serves the fixtures in the house.

The boiler is nor completely off,and I hope to save money by not burning oil all summer.

I'm thinking about re-starting the boiler in the winter months but disabliing the control that starts the boiler when hot domestic water is called for. I would leave the electric hot weater heater on and assume that the water from the boiler would arrive at the electric heater at a fairly hot temperature just from passing through the boiler in its normal heating mode. This is Maine, so I expect the boiler to be hot throught most of the winter season just from calls for heat.

In effect, the boiler would pre-heat the water going to the electric hot water heater, resulting in the use of less electricity to bring it up to temperature., and the boiler wouldn't fire up just for hot water.

Any thoughts on whether or not this would work and whether it would be worth while?