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    Hi, I need to get halfway up the peak on my roof and it is kind of steep, do they sell anything that I could attach to the end of an extension ladder that would use the slope of the other side of the roof to hold it so I could use the ladder lay it on the roof all the way up to the peak.Thanks

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    I don't know where to buy it, but this article shows the idea: http://paintingyourhouse.info/roof%20hook%201.htm

    Another technique is to install some roofjacks near the bottom, and a plank. Then lay a ladder on the roof surface, with the base of the ladder resting on the plank.

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    Yes like the other poster described. But you'd likely be looking at a very long ladder. In addition if the roof is extremely steep you'd be fine but if the roof isn't as steep as you think it is you're going to need a fiber glass ladder because you'd bend an aluminum ladder.

    I'd advise you to use roofing jacks but something tells me that isn't going to work for you.


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    Default ladder

    Whatever you do, remember to tie the sections of the extension ladder together or the bottom section will slide out of the top one when you put your weight on it. In that case, the top will be secured to the ridge of the roof, and you will be hanging on to the bottom as you leave the roof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hj View Post
    you will be hanging on to the bottom as you leave the roof.

    That was almost poetic!



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