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    Hi All,
    Was in plumbing forum last week because of floods in basement. Now that it is straightened out I'm checking everything contractor is doing. HVAC guy installed new unit and there is cool air blowing out of the areas where you see white pipe coming through sheet metal. The caps aren't leaking air,it's just coming out through the cutouts. Is this normal or should sheet metal be air tight around these white plastic pipes? Thanks for your help. These forums are well worth their weight in gold. You guys do a great job.
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    Mine also is that way (not much but noticable). I just went down and picked up some duct tape and wrapped it tightly. My bsmt area isnt heated nor cooled so I didnt want to waste heat/cooling there.

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    They make a metalized tape specifically designed to last and seal joints in ducts...it comes with a release paper on the back you must peel off. It will last indefinately. The fabric covered duct tape is, in fact, one of the worst things for that, since it dries out and gets brittle and then leaks fairly quickly.
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    Thanks guys. My basement isn't heated or aired so I also don't want to waste it. I have the reflective tape you mentioned and will put it to good use. Have a good day.


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