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Thread: Removing a Bathtub Spigot

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    Default Removing a Bathtub Spigot

    I want to replace my bathtub spigot, as it leaks when I turn the shower on (not all of the water comes out of the shower head - but some still comes out of the spigot).

    I'd read that tub spigots are supposed to just twist off or possibly there's a screw underneath that needs to be removed.

    On the bottom of my tub spigot it says ZP and there is a spot that looks like the slot for a very small regular screwdriver, but I'm not sure if it really is a screw to be removed or if it's just some sort of decoration. I've tried unscrewing it, but no luck, which makes me wonder if it's just some sort of marking.

    Is anyone familar with this type of tub spigot? Thanks for your help!

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    When you say it leaks while using the shower I'd like to advise you that a small amount of leakage out the spout is normal. It is this function that causes the diverter to release after use so the next user doesn't catch a surprise. I have a tight one presently installed at my house and I can't wait for it to loosen up.

    That said if the leakage out the spout is excessive or it is leaking behind the spout replacement is in order. You are correct there are several types either screw on or, slip on. If you do not see an allen screw up under the slot it is probably a screw on or, it is a slip on that got spun by a gorrilla. When I remove a tub spout I usually take a pair of channel lock pliers and break off the outer shell. This enables me to hold back on the nipple or stub out and prevent it from breaking off inside the wall. It also enables you to see the manner of attachment.


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