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    Hello. After reading many posts here and learning plenty, I thought it was time to seek assistance for one of my own dilemmas.

    I own a corefloor house and am planning on moving the washing machine from it's current location near the back door to a porch/storage room nearby. The unit would move probably about 6-8 feet from where it currently sits (other side of a wall).

    Is it OK to break up the cement floor and put a new pipe in which will tie into the current location's plumbing and floordrain?

    Obviously there will need to be some sort of angle so that the water will run "downhill" for the 6-8 feet...any suggestions or experience from fellow forum members?


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    Minimum slope on a drain line is 1/4" per foot so for 8 feet it must drop at least 2". Use a 2" pipe and don't forget the trap.


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