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Thread: New baseboard covers won't fit

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    Default New baseboard covers won't fit

    Hey all,

    I want to put in new baseboard covers for the heating so I went to Home Depot. Purchased them but they did not fit. Here's the reason why. The fins are rectangle and will not fit unless you turn every single one of them. Replacing the element/core is not an option in my building. I've sat there with a pair of needle nose pliers turning these things so they will fit the cover. Is there an easier way for this? Another brand perhaps? I went to Lowes and they basically have the same cover. I don't want to spend a day turning these stupid things. Btw, these are the old covers. Thanks!

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    Default Try a heating supply house

    Take one of your end caps and try some heating supply houses. Many of them sell to the public. As you've found all baseboard heat units are not shaped the same. I had to go to a sheet metal shop and get some pieces custom fabricated for an old system I was working on. That would be another option but can get costly. This may take a bit of legwork, but you'll likely find someone who carries the replacement parts.


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