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Thread: Rain Bird ESP modular controller

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    Default Rain Bird ESP modular controller

    My modular controller is driving me nuts. The unit is designed to handle three watering programs. I decided to have prog "A" run in the spring, prog."B" run in the summer and "C" in the fall. Each program is set to run twice per day; once in the early morning and once in late afternoon. Each program operates four valves with specific run times and duration. Seems simple and this way I only need to switch between programs 3 times a year.

    Programming although a little tedious was carefully performed and when verified by dial settings was exactly what I wanted so I left the system on automatic operation to do its thing and run program "B".

    Here is where things go screwy ! The controller does its own thing. Sometimes it runs program "A"and then "B"; sometimes it runs "B" only; sometimes it runs all three and always with the program selector set to "B".
    I have used the reset buttons, disconnected power and batteries and reprogrammed numerous times without any success.
    All valves however operate and for the desired time within the operating program.

    Whats going on here ? Help ! Is it me or is the system just not designed for this type of programming ? But then, what is the point of having a switch for different programs ? The instruction manual backs up what I have done; at least so far as I can understand it.

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    Default i think your controller doesnt offer that option..

    i believe all programs operate all the time.
    they are to enable one set of valves , lets say zone 1 and 4, to run twice a week, for turf,
    and zone 2 and 5 to run every day( annuals, with shallow roots)
    then zone 3 once a week for 2 hours-for trees.

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    msgale gives a very good description of the logic behind multiple programs. I don't have a manual....you will have to dig in, to see if it is possible to select just one program to operate. It may be....I seem to recall on some simple Orbit timers that you could do that.


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