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Thread: PVC to brass

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    Default PVC to brass

    Without starting a great debate as i've seen on here before ,and just recently regarding a similar subject. Threading a PVC female coupling onto a male brass fitting? Teflon tape,pipe dope,both, or nothing?

    Thanks all

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    I use about three wraps of teflon tape to do that.

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    Reliability is much better if you can configure it to use a male pvc fitting into a female brass one. WHen you tighten the two together, the brass can handle the squeeze, the plastic in the female fitting just expands and could eventually split. SO, don't overdo it and change if you can to put a male into brass.
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    There is great danger of overtightening plastic to metal, and female plastic fittings are prone to crack if overtightened.

    My theory is that too tape makes the male too fat, and can cause problems. SO, two wraps of thin white tape, or one wrap of yellow tape. Brush on a thin coat of Great White dope.

    The PPFA recommends this procedure : Hand tight, then 1/2 turn by wrench. If necessary to stop a drip, additional 1/2 turn.

    Because plastic is soft, and the tape and/or dope is a lubricant, it is VERY easy to overtighten plastic to metal, distorting the plastic threads and causing a leak.

    If you are a person who has hands like Mighty Joe Young, then just hand tight often is enough. For most of us, the 1/2 wrench turn will finish the job.

    And as I have said before, if you are old enough to actually remember Mighty Joe Young, sit down and turn this job over to a youngster!!!

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    Avoid screwing metal male threads into a plastic female whenever possible.

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
    And as I have said before, if you are old enough to actually remember Mighty Joe Young, sit down and turn this job over to a youngster!!!
    You are talking about the 1998 "B" movie starring Charlize Theron right? LOL


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