Last winter I didn't turn off my sprinkler water. This boneheaded move created a domino effect, trashing my lawn.

Last spring two of the bleeder valves had blown out, so I replaced them, then none of my sprinklers worked.

I thought there was a clog or something, and watered by hand all summer until we went on vacation, then our exchange student didn't water DESPITE VERY CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS and parched the lawn.

So I buy a multimeter and figure out that the controller box is dead, so I buy a new one. It works!


Stations 1-3 work.

Station 4: will only work if I manually open the valve. In addition, one set of attached sprinklers on this station is just trickling.

This is the pipe that got cut by the cable installer last year.

Station 5: Hums and vibrates but no water shows up, and manually opening it does nothing.

Station 6: Same as 5.

To complicate matters, the wiring leaving my new controller box mysteriously changes colors before it reaches the different stations.

My plan of attack:

1. check to see that each station is getting current. If yes, then:

2. replace station four completely. Find clogged pipe at far end of system.

3. check current on station 5. If it is getting current then look for a clog.

4. troubleshoot station 6, which leads to our drip hoses by checking curren, then looking for a clog.

Am I leaving out anything obvious or important?

Oh, and to complicate matters, the area not being watered by station 5 is matted down, the soil has a lot of pine needles from a neighbors tree and looks like forest duff, and there are large roots from neighbors pine tree breaking the surface. Plus it is depressed and water pools in part of it. I guess I can bring in more soil and replant, but I'm not sure what to do.
Thanks if you've read this far...