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Thread: Help Please: Sputtering on hotwater lines.

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    Default Help Please: Sputtering on hotwater lines.

    I recently bought a house which was winterized. to dewinterize it I opened all the upstairs faucets. Turned on the water and opened the downstairs faucets. The waterline to the hot water heater was opened too. Then I opened the hot water faucets and let those run. There was sputtering at first then It ran normally on both sides. The only valves i had to open where the main water line and the hot water valve in one of the upstairs bathrooms.After this I turned the electricity on to the hot water heater and in a little white I had hot water and sputtering in all faucets. It went away if i let them run for a while. Now everyday when I wake up the hot water runs cold and its fine then there is sputtering, really loud and spewy sputtering when i turn on the hot water in any sink. After a while the water stops sputtering and gets pretty hot. I have to repeat this process in any sink/ faucet I use. The cold water is fine and doesn't sputter. Its the same when I get back from work at night. Any ideas what might be causing this or how to fix it?

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    Air is normally the only thing that will cause a water heater to sputter. One thing you can do is get a thermometer and check the hot water temp. You can get them at most large food stores for under $10.00.

    Air does not normaly enter a water system that is under pressure. I would check the water temp to see if you are near the boiling point.
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