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Thread: recommmended sprinkler line pressure

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    I'm fixing my sprinklers. Our old service line was replaced with copper, and we replaced the pressure regulator for the house but the sprinkler taps off the incoming line at full city water pressure. (We did this on purpose so we could have high pressure to hoses and to the pool fill line -- although it can burst a weak hose if its fully pressurized). The sprinklers will turn on if I open the bleed valve (with or without power), and will remain on if I apply power to the solenoid and subsequently close the bleed valve. When I turn power off, the sprinklers shut off. But they will not turn on with just power to the solenoid. I could replace the solenoids with the original manual valves (which I saved) but this defeats the whole purpose of having automatic sprinklers. There are 4 sprinkler valves and they all behave this way, so I'm guessing there may be too much water pressure. If I put a regulator on the incoming sprinkler line, what is the recommended pressure setting? Or are there sprinkler valves that will work under higher pressure (I haven't measured it could be 100-150 psi)?
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