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Thread: Need help with Moen roman faucet rough-in

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    Default Need help with Moen roman faucet rough-in

    I moved this question to the plumbing forum thinking that maybe I put it under the wrong forum.

    I originally purchased a Moen fully completed 3 hole rough-in hardware for my roman faucet replacement (previously Delta). When I pulled the old faucet I found the three holes were not in a straight line. The middle hole is offset by about a 1/2". I went back and exchanged the hardware for the Moen assembly kit where the two control valves and spout unit have to be assembled below the surface of the tub.

    My problem is this. The two faucets are connected using a "T" where the third leg of the "T" is supposed to join upward to the spout. Since the middle hole in the tub is 1/2" offset the "T" will not work as is. Since the "T" is female and the spout is female it appears that a 45 degree with male on both ends might work to bridge the gap but I could not find that at Lowe's. Any thoughts on a better way to bridge the gap? Are there flexible copper products that plumbers use in this situation?

    Thanks in advance for your response and sorry for my misuse or non-use of the proper plumbing vernacular.
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