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Thread: I hear a drip???

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    Default I hear a drip???

    I know know how old the toilet is, It's a American Standard 1.6

    Ok... let say I put a cup of water in the bowl... after that I can hear the toilet driping. If I lift the lid... I don't see any driping. Is this something I should be worried about or should it be fixed or replaced?

    I have 1 more question.... if a toilet doesn't say that it's a 1.6 gal flush... should I assume that it's a old toilet that is a 3+ gal flush?
    We have 4 toilets in the house 2 don't say anything on them other than the brand, Crane. One is the American Standard 1.6. Then the other is a Brand New Sparkly Toto Aquia waiting to be installed.

    Thank you Michelle

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    If it doesn't say something, it is probably an older toilet with anywhere from 3-8 gallons, depending on how old it is.

    A toilet bowl is like a full cup...add anything to it, and it overflows to keep the level the same. This is normal. You can hear the water going over the dam (weir) more on some than others, but it is true for all toilets you'll normally find in the US.
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    Thank you
    ~ I feel better... although I've never heard the drip noise in any other toilet except this one. That was why I asked the question... I wanted to make sure something wasn't wrong with it.

    I did think that about the age... if it didn't say then it must be 3++gal flush....
    1- of the water-hogs is the 1 we just got the toto aquia replacement for
    downstairs hall bath
    1-water hog is in the guest bedroom.. and doesn't get lots of flushing
    1-water hog is in the upstairs kids bath ... that only 1 kid uses... so it does see some flushing
    1- is our toilet in our master room and that one does say 1.6 gal... I ready know I will replace it in a few years when I remodel

    heck... I might just replace them all after the aquia is installed. The husband is on a Boy scout trip in Ely, Minnsota he will install it when he gets back home.



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