Last year I remodeled my home and installed plex tubing throughout my 2 unit building. Upon the advise from a company back in Vemont, I installed a Takagi Jr. to run the radiant heat and domestic hot water supply.

The downstairs unit works like a charm with no problems (although I did have to remove all flow restrictors from faucets and shower/bath tub).

The big problem is with the upstairs unit. Back in February, the domestic hot water seems only to work when the radiant system is turned on and burning. I called Takagi twice and they sent 2 repairmen but they looked overwhelmed by the system and said the system works fine and they could not find anything wrong with the water heater.

I shut off water to the tankless and turned on the hot water to a facet upstairs and found there was no cross water line. The company who sold me the pre-assembled board is going to send me a new one provided I do not ask them for any more technical advise (which by the way, I spend nearly $1500 on all new faucets and replacing the shower unit).

I am now in a situation where everyone is pointing fingers at each other. Takagi says something is wrong with the plumbing, Vermont Company is saying its the Takagi, and the plumber saying there is no cross water lines.

Frustrated, I am ready to let the Takagi Jr. take care of the radiant heating supply and I will install back a traditional hot water tank.

I was so frustrated that I even offered to buy an airline ticket for an employee of the Vermont company that sold me the system to come out West. Their response was take a new set up but don't call us anymore.

My tenants have been very patient but I want to give it one last try to fix the system. It works so well down stairs. I am going to swap machines to see if this helps and prove once and for all if it is indeed the heater.

Could I have the wrong size Takagi? The upstairs has 2 bathrooms, kitchen, and washer.