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Thread: Sillcock into cinderblock advice

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    Default Sillcock into cinderblock advice

    Replacing an old sillcock at my parents house with a new frostfree unit, and when I went to look at the existing one I noticed it's not even attached.. Just held in place by the pipe connection. Through a cinder block which has broken away all around the outside area where you would typically secure it into place.

    Any advice how you normally handle this? Attach a larger piece of some 1" PT wood or similar to the area and then just secure into that? Still a little worried about even how to secure the piece of wood, the block seem kind of old and look like they might crumble easy, might not hold very well..

    Any thoughts would be appreciated


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    Hydraulic cement could be stuffed in there to seal it and hold things in place. You could put some screws in while packing it in and they'd be locked in place when it cures. Hydraulic cement cures in minutes, so only mix it when you are ready to go. WHen it comes time to replace it, you'll have to break it out.
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    Ah, gotcha. Didn't even think about putting the screws in before it setup.. I was thinking it would break apart again when redrilling.

    Didn't really think of repacking the entire opening either, wasn't sure if it being in direct contact with the copper would cause any issues. Going to give this a shot this week

    Thanks for the help

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    Shouldn't hurt the copper much, you could wrap it with duct tape or something, similar, just where you won't see it. FYI, aluminum does react with concrete over time.


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