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Thread: Seeking: 5' Rectangular Tub w/ Tile Flange, No Apron. Suggestions?

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    Default Seeking: 5' Rectangular Tub w/ Tile Flange, No Apron. Suggestions?

    I'm looking for a 5' Tub for a 3 wall alcove installation. I would like to find a nice modern rectangular shape with as few as possible interior ledges. Also trying to keep the cost down.

    I like the Kohler K-1123 but they don't offer it with tile flange unless it has the integrated apron and specs say not to install it in an alcove.

    I also like the Kohler K-850 which says it can be installed in a 3 wall alcove, but seems to use a tiling-in bead for doing so. Also not looking for cast iron and the price is a little higher than I'd like.

    The Hydro Systems Lacey looks great and is available with tile flange, but requires mortar bed setting and price is lower than the K-805 but still a bit high.

    I was also considering using the K-1123 with the Schluter®-DILEX-AS .

    But if I can find a nice looking rectangular shaped tub with flange for a good price I would much prefer that route.

    Suggestions? Thanks.
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    If you are looking for anything other that a regular 5' tub with front apron, 3 sided tile flange.....then you are in what I call the "foo-foo" category, and get out the checkbook!


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