I have a 70 year old house, and my bathtub has a spout with a 4 inch spread between the hot and cold knobs. The faucet itself is right between these two knobs, in a straight line. It is wall mounted. I am doing a remodel and would like to replace this but I can find no source for tub faucet with this small of a spread. I am trying to avoid removing the current tile on the wall and would like to use the 3 current holes. The best I can find are the telephone-looking tub fillers that have wall unions that will allow me to go from a 4" spread to one of a more conventional size used today. However, those are very costly, and only two companies I can find make them with the appropriate wall unions, Rohl and California Faucets. Alternatively, if I can find a company that makes a 2" wall union that I can adapt to other bath faucets, that would be an option also. Anyone, know of a company that makes wall unions?