Hello All,

Im really looking for help, as we have been unable to come up with a solution for this problem.

It seems that as soon as we run our outdoor sprinkler system, the tub runs yellow water. We close the valve to the sprinkler system, and the water clears up. Open the valve, and run the sprinklers, and it becomes yellow again.

We thought that it may be a back-siphonage problem, so we replaced the PVB valve for backflow prevention. Still yellow water. We thought that we may not have installed it high enough, so re-installed it well over the 12" minimum recommended. Still yellow water.

It seems that once we open the main valve to the outside sprinklers the water is still ok. Once we actually run the sprinklers (the heads pop up), is when the water starts to turn yellow.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Im at wits end...

Thanks in advance...