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    Question AC Small Space

    Hi - I am moving into a two-room 800 sf upstairs unit - very hot! I have no central heat, just a gas "fireplace." How would this be best cooled? The main room is 650' and the BR is 150'... any ideas?

    I thought about buying a central system and setting it up downstairs, since I am going to build a 3500 sf 3 BR on the property eventually, but it seems complicated and/or expensiveconfused:... Thx!

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    You could just put in a couple of window units for now.

    You might look into split systems. These put the compressor(s) outside, but instead of using ducts, evaporator coil and a blower to get the cool air to the area needed, it uses high pressure line and return to individual blower/evaporator unit(s). These could be moved later on, if desired. Some of them are neat in that you can control the unit with a wireless remote.
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    It would not make sense to try to install a central unit of the size for a 3500 sqft house, and try to make it work on 800 sq feet.

    Right now, two window units for less than $400 total would get you by.

    You could get the mini-split, as mentioned. This could then later be used to cool one area of the big house. Sometimes there are advantages to such a "zone" system. You can run one unit or the other, but not both, when appropriate.

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    Default Ac

    The AC unit you will need for the new addition is MUCH too large for the area you would be cooling now. The performance would be so unacceptable that you would probably shut it down and revert to two window or through-the-wall units, which are all that you really need now.

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    I like Jimbo's idea; almost did it myself, but in an already-built house the economics didn't work. In your case, since you've got to buy something additional now anyway, it might be the way to go. Transfer the split system to the bedroom area after the addition is built so you can cool it at night (we use 72) while the main house warms up to a holding temperature (we use 78).

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    Default Thanks for the advice - I love this place!!:D

    Thanks for the advice - I love this place!!

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    Default Window Units

    Bought a 15000 and an 8000 for $500, both with 5-year parts & labor on-site warranty from LG at HD. Just as well, I have to install a 220v service for it and then will tackle the 220v ac at the main house. Thx!


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