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Thread: very damp crawl space....

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    Default very damp crawl space....

    I have a home that has a very damp crawl space, and am wondering what, if anything, I can do about it. It is so damp that my HVAC ducts often have small water driplets falling off them onto the vapor barrior below. I have confirmed that I have no plumbing leaks. The crawl space stays very cool, even when it's 90+ degrees outside. My guess is that it is condensation, but it seems like alot of it. Sometimes there are small puddles on the black pastic vapor barrior. Ihave the correct number of vents (according to local code), and they are all open. Also, I can tell that the cinder blocks used in the foundation are damp 3 to 4 inches up from the ground. The rest of the highth is dry ont he foundation walls.

    ANy thoughts on how I can fight this.

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    Dehumidifier or two. Would help.
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    Ventilate the crawl space and insulate the AC ductwork better. Where are you located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
    Ventilate the crawl space and insulate the AC ductwork better. Where are you located?
    I'm in middle Tennessee. I used R6 (with some R4.2) flex insulated duct, and I really havn't used the AC much this Spring.


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