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Thread: Well pump pressure drops to zero

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    Default Well pump pressure drops to zero

    Hi all,

    Please bear with me as I know little about this stuff, but I'm learning fast.
    My husband replaced the pressure gauge on our well. I believe we went from a 30-50 to a 20-40 Pumptrol, and I know that it can be adjusted upward.
    We reduced the air in our tank to 18, but we didn't drain the system before adjustment.

    Now, we seem to have water pressure and water okay, but for some reason, the water pressure gauge drops to 0, leaving the pump to run dry. We are afraid to leave the pump on at night, so we shut it off. This morning, the gauge was at 30 psi.

    The pump is above ground and is a 3/4 hp Gould and the well is a deep well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Read your site

    I went to your link and I'm going to drain the bladder tank and recheck pressure.

    Thanks for your help.


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