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Thread: Sweating over sweating...

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    Default Sweating over sweating...

    I've sweated joints before and have read many of the recent posts on the subject but I still have some questions.

    1. I'm aware of the problems created by having standing water in the pipes. Many years ago, I tried using bread to keep the water away from the fitting but it didn't work too well. Are there any tips you can offer on how to deal with this? It's a 1" pipe and I was considering pushing a rag attached to a stick into the pipe to absorb as much water as possible.

    2. I'm sweating a Tee into the existing 1" pipe and I've already sweated a 1/2" copper nipple, 3" long, onto the Tee. I've sweated a connector to the other end of the nipple and have screwed it into a shut-off valve. The valve will then be about 3-4" away from the Tee that I'm sweating onto the water pipe. Will I risk any damage to the valve when it's that close or do I need to unscrew the valve first? (I'd already put all the connecting fittings onto the pipe that's being screwed into the Tee because it's under the house and it's tight quarters for doing the assembly there.)

    3. Lastly, I'm concerned about whether I'm going to be able to install the Tee without adding a union. The Tee will be installed about 18" from an elbow and that elbow is about 30" away from another elbow. With 1" pipe, will there be enough flexibility in the water pipe to allow me to put the Tee onto the pipe after cutting a 3/4" section out of it? Here's what it looks like:

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    I've used a piece of towel attached to a coat hanger wire to absorb/block water while sweating. I would hesitate to use a stick for two reasons. It could break and leave the rag inside and unreachable, and it could burn. I think you will have enough flex to get the tee in place. Just be sure the pipe and tee are cleaned and fluxed before assembling.


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