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Thread: slow drain toilet

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    Default slow drain toilet

    When flushing my toilet the water fills all the way up to the brim then drains very slowley. The soild waste does not drain with one flush. I have tried using a plunger, a snake and even one of those CLR power flush. It drains better after the power flush but goes back to slow drain shortly after, any ides.

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    Default toilet

    Two ideas. Either the toilet is plugged or the main sewer is. Plunging or water jetting it is usually ineffective and can make the stoppage worse by packing it tighter. A plumber may be your best option unless you wish to spend time and money trying to do it yourself, and then might still need a plumber.

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    If you're very lucky, it's the toilet. It's not a difficult DIY project to pull the toilet, check it out and clear the trapway if that was the problem, and reset it. If it's not the toilet, then see HJ's post above. Odds are it's not the toilet, but that's my non-professional opinion.

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    I would immediately suspect something caught in the trapway, or a broken section of china in the trapway that floats to stop the flow.
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    I would try a closet auger before I ever pulled a toilet!


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