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Thread: Propane Tanks

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    Default Propane Tanks

    With summer coming up, food for thought here.

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    Yeah, I'm sure lots of us who frequent this forum are affected by that...

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    They refer to NH3 which is a commercial product, not something a homeowner would have laying around. Possibly a farmer, or in my case a freezer, where we have over 45,000 pounds of the stuff.

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    You will probably find out soon how it affects you!

    Ask anyone with allergies that uses a lot of Sudafed how the Meth laws affected them... You have to show a drivers license to buy the stuff and if you are using the maximum dosage you are over the limit frequently so you have to have other people by the stuff for you! I'm sorry our records show you bought a 20 pack of 12 hour Sudafed 10 days ago... We can't sell it to you!

    One day you'll go down to buy a second tank for your gas grill that you just got. They'll check the computer and tell you that you just bought a tank and you have to wait 2 years before you can buy another one...

    Meanwhile the druggies go through a revolving door at the courthouse!

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    It is amazing isn't it? Redwood, I was at the ******** sometime ago, and was buying Sudafed, or trying to. I have allergies to about everything that blows in the air, or comes off my cat. It usually, is only at certain times of the year. But, I was stunned to learn that in the pharmacies log book, they had another woman of the same name of mine. The clerk was new and didn't ask for ID's... so, I could not buy any. I felt both stunned, angry and even said standing there, " look, do I look like I do drugs?" Meanwhile, I am sniffling, my eyes were red, my nose was red...I kept clearing my throat, so, needless to say, I didnt' get any, I looked guilty as sin. I had to get the doctor to write me a prescription. That was annoying. Now, they are trying to come out with another drug in place of the one the meth people are using but, even still, I bet they find a way to still use it. Unbelieveable.

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    I had not read the bottom of the article. I was referring only to the valves being destroyed by NH3.

    More that one fool has killed one's self by trying to steal NH3.

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    snopes confirm its possible but the likely hood of you getting one is slim to none. If a meth addict brings a tank in with the discolored valve and the operator didnt see the valve and sent it back to get refilled. And the refiller didnt see the discolored valve and filled it anyways and sent it back You might get it. But there is too many variables involved in this process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redwood View Post
    Ask anyone with allergies that uses a lot of Sudafed how the Meth laws affected them...
    I have a similar problem getting non-drowsy Dristan a time or two each year. Since somebody figured out a way to extract whatever-it-is from it, I have to either order the stuff it from Canada or go without.


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