Perhaps this is old news to everyone

but it is FREE

A little tip for everyone looking for absolutely
FREE ADVERTISEING in your general area.....

Go to the GOOGEL site and open a

they will try to get you to do some heavy
advertiseing with them but you dont have to....I DO NOT

they will give you for free a listing on GOOGLE MAPS with
the location of your business

all you got to do is map where you are located and
list all the services you perform and things you sell and
you will come up on anyones search for a plumber in
about a 30 mile area around you....

I cannot believe all the calls I am getting for free
from being first under water heaters and second
under plumbers in the Indianapolis area....

I think that Google is starting to eat into the
Yellow pages monolopy and dominance over us us all...

and yellow pages is running scared.