Hi. I have a shallow well ( 11 feet to the water and 22 feet to the bottom ). The 3/4 hp pump sits next to the well hole and the 2 gallon captive air tank is mounted to the top of the pump. This set up is for 40 psi cut in, and 60 psi cutout. When I turn on the pump the pressure guage reads 35 psi and when I open the water valve the pressure drops to 20 psi. The problem is that when I close the water valve the pressure climbs to 35 psi but does not go any higher than that. I have observed it for about 3 minutes and it stays at 35 so I turn off the pump after that. Since this set up is 40 - 60 the pressure switch never gets to turn off the motor. There is only about 3 feet of pipe connected to the pump and I have confirmed that nothing is leaking. Can the problem be with the pump itself? Maybe too weak to build up pressure over 35 psi? I checked the air pressure on the captive air tank and it is always at about 38 psi which is how it came from the factory. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.