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Thread: How to determine rough-in

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    Default How to determine rough-in

    I currently have a Crane toilet. I noticed on the bottom of the toilet bowl exterior that there are 2 bolts holding down the toilet. If I measure from the wall to these 2 bolts, I am assuming that this distance is my rough-in. Is this true?


    Yes, it's measured from the "wall" to the center of the drain, or in most cases, the bolts that hold down the bowl to the floor.
    (Not to the floor mold)
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    The rough in is the measurement from the finished wall (not base board) to the center of the flange...

    Measuring from wall to the bolts should be a close enough measurement.

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    Default flange

    If the bolts are fastened in the proper locations, then they will be centered on the drain pipe and give the rough in dimension. That flange, the way it is secured, would allow the bolts to be positioned off center of the drain, and could thus allow for a mismeasurement AND potential problems.


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