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Thread: Crane bathtub faucets w/round handles

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    Default Crane bathtub faucets w/round handles

    I have Crane bathtub faucets with round handles. I can not remove the handles to get to the stem to change the washers. I tried tapping the handles with a rubber hammer but to no avail. I also tried to remove the portion of the faucet that is flush with the glass tile but they would not budge. Do I need a special tool to remove the handles?? If applicable my house was built in 1948. I personally put new stems in 1994 but since then I am lost. The stems I put in are reverse of normal- that is to draw water you turn clockwise. I do not think that matters but thought I would mention it.
    Thanks for anything you can do for me.
    Jim M

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    Smile Handle puller

    I use a small faucet handle puller I picked up years ago. It reminds you of a mini gear puller that hooks around the faucet handle and has a hand turn screw that goes into the hole where the handle screws onto the stem. You just keep tightening that hand screw and it applies even pressure to the handle pulling it off. I have seen them at various places, you may be able to get one in the plumbing tools section of HD or Lowes, not sure.


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