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Thread: Water heater brass threads question

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    Default Water heater brass threads question

    Okay, so somehow the brass threads on the top of my water heater that take in the cold and put out the hot water got nicked. Don't ask... lol
    I have tried and tried to get the CPVC fittings to go in, even cleaned the brass threads out, but alas, the fittings' threads keep getting ripped to shreds and not staying in very well.
    Now I've got the fittings in there as tight as I could get them (I put that thin stretchy threadding on it, too) and did the rest of the CPVC.
    Finally, my questions. I put yellow formula 55 thread seal at the base of the fittings to seal the small leaks (due to the nicks in the brass threads). Will that work and how long will it take to dry?

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    1. Don't thread CPVC into brass. It will leak.
    2. Don't attach CPVC directly to hot water heaters since CPVC is not rated for continuous hot water.

    I would suggest running brass, copper, or steel out and/or over at least 6 inches and then use a brass to CPVC coupler that uses a rubber gasket.
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    Connect at the distance specified in your local code.
    Do not use a CPVC threaded adapter to connect to any metal threads.

    Do use a connector like the one pictured below or, its female equivelent.


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