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Thread: Valley Shower Faucet issues

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    Default Valley Shower Faucet issues

    I have recently lost all hot water and water pressure in my shower faucet. Just today I have replaced my existing single handle Valley set up with the newest Danco replacement parts hoping that would solve the problem. New handle, ball and socket kit, and new seals/springs. Looking behind the wall I can see that the original single valve is in place which holds the 2 seals and springs internally.This particular set up doesn't have a cartridge.

    Does anyone know what I should do to fix this dilemna?

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    Talking take apart and do over

    you have low hot water pressure ONLY in the tub faucet, right?
    not throughout the whole house??

    either you have dip tube residue in your hot line
    or something else has come up the hot side and clogged up the faucet

    take it all apart,,, pull out the springs and gaskets,,,

    close the shower curtain, go down and turn the water on to the house full blast for about 10 seconds...

    repeat this process again if it has not flooded out your bathroom...

    try this a few times then put it back together and see if
    whatever in the line has blown out...

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    Did you lose the hot water pressure BEFORE you put in the new parts?

    As for your repair job, the things that can go wrong are :leaving out the little white plastic sleeve on the seat/putting it on the wrong side of the seat/not getting the ball seated correctly in the socket.

    Mark has laid out a good procedure to start with.


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