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Thread: Venting Basement Shower?

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    Default Venting Basement Shower?

    This is a great forum which has helped me tremendously over the last few years.

    I've got a roughed-in bathroom in my basement but I cannot figure out whether I will need to vent my shower line. The below photo shows what I'm working with and gives the dimensions of what I want to do. The second photo shows where the current 1 1/2 line extends into the ceiling.

    I'm simply going to extent the 2" shower line a couple feet and extend out for a shower pan i'll build. Toilet will be located at the current location of the existing stub-out and the vanity will be located utilizing the existing line as well.

    Do I need a vent? If so can it be run into the vanity wet vent?

    Thanks a lot for the help it's really appreciated.


    1 1/2 pipe into upstairs

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