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Thread: How to align "fixed left edge" on RainBird 42 SA rotors?

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    Default How to align "fixed left edge" on RainBird 42 SA rotors?

    What's the best way to get the "fixed left edge" on these rotors to line up with my property line? For instance, if my desired position is 12:00 and the rotor's left edge points to 9:00, should I back off the rotor 3/4 of a turn, or really (cross my fingers and) torque it down another 1/4 of a turn? All of my fittings are plastic, and I've already broken off 1. Or am I missing something all together?


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    Plastic to plastic needs to be only hand tight in most situations. Possibly 1/2 turn with wrench. If you follow that rule, you can get away with turning further in to the correct position.

    Loosening a connection possibly allows for a leak, but the pressure on sprinkler fittings is low, and not usually a problem.


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