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Thread: Toto drake fill valve issue

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    Default Toto drake fill valve issue

    when the toilet is flushed it hesitates for several seconds befor filling. It seems to be getting worse as far as how long it hesitates. There do not seem to be any moving parts of the fill valve that could be sticking. It is a Toto gmax part. Any ideas? Thanks. Rick

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    It may need a replacement cap made by Korky. You can find them next to the QuietFill Valve by Korky in the plumbing Isle of Lowes.
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    I had the exact same symptoms. The replacement cap Terry mentioned solved the problem. I talked to Korky's customer service. They walked me through the troubleshooting procedure, and since the toilet was less than five years old, sent me a free replacement cap.

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    Default Gmax malfunction

    Gmax on Drake is causing a water hammer like noise as it fills the tank. Running the cold water in the sink stops the noise. Seems like there may be dirt in the GMAX. Any instruction on how to take it apart and clean out the GMAX?

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    The cap just unsnaps.

    If it is a jackhammer type noise it may be a loose washer on the angle stop valve coming out of the wall to the toilet.

    Open up the fill valve at the wall all the way
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    Default Gmax malfunction

    I closed the valve and then re-opened it. The noise is gone. Thank you


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