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Thread: yellow water iron taste.

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    Default yellow water iron taste.

    I had a shallow well pump with a sand piont about 20feet down . The water was terrible very yellow and tates like iron. Culligan said it was from decaying leaves and water seeping into the ground.
    I decided to bite the bullet and have a well proffesionally drilled bu t i am still having problems.
    It is a vaction home. when they drilled it they ran the water with a garden hose for quite a few hours. The water then came out of the house faucetts clear and tated good. i was only there for 1 day and left.
    Last weekend we went back up and the water was yellow and just tasted awful again. ( its like metalllic taste) the company that drilled the well said to run the water out of the hose for a few hours and it should clear up. i did that and it did clear up and tast ok until it sat for 3 hours and then it was yellow and tasted horrible again. ( though not as bad as at when we first got there. for some reason if you let it run for about 20 minutes- 1/2 hour before you use it each time it clears up.
    the place that installed said the pump may need to go down furthur in the well. they think it may be sitting at a layer of shale. The pump was origanlly installed at 60ft now and the well is 202ft deep.

    Does this sound right to you guys? i thought maybe the welled in the pipe may have a crack in it and the old water from above might be seeping in and themn once you run it it was clearing up but they say that would not cause this problem. i also thought that maybe the pipes in the house may have alot of build up of organic irton in them from the old point and pump but again the well guys didn't think that would casue this problem?
    Anyt thoughts?

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    You should delete your other same info/question post.

    You need water tests for iron, pH, hardness and tannins at least. Then whatever water treatment equipment it takes to solve the problem.

    The pump should be deeper in the well; like 15' to 20' off the bottom. Now it is in the zone of water that has the oxidized particulates in it, that makes the water 'dirty' until you run enough of it off to make it clear.
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