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Thread: Cistern System Control Plan

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    Hello All,
    I had posted on this forum some time ago about a low-yield well problem I had. I decided to add a 300 gallon poly tank, Pumptec, and a float system to control it all. I have the system plumbed, however, I would like to hear some ideas on how to control the float system. I have a 230 volt well pump (not sure of HP, but it's located at approximately 390' down in the well) which I would like to run off of two floats (one to control the water level, and one for emergency shutoff). I also have a Starite 1/2 HP shallow well jet pump between my cistern and bladder tank which I would like to hook up to a low level float in my tank. I will be running this pump at 230V as well. Could anyone advise as to what the safest method of wiring this system would be? I am a civil engineer and the friend who is helping me is an HVAC technician, and we have some electrical knowledge, just not as to the most effective way to run this type of cistern system. We don't think that wiring it directly would be the safest, but would like to hear what others have done in the past. Thanks for any information you can provide.

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    Use the floats to actuate Definate Purpose Contactors. We sell them for under $30.00. I would also suggest using 24 volts to the Floats to make it safer and you don't have to run Conduit all over the place with the 24 volt system. We have a 24 volt Wall Cube that is easy to wire in.



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