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Thread: Design for easy removal of a PVB?

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    Default Design for easy removal of a PVB?

    I need help in coming up with a way to easily remove my PVB without having to cut the 1" PVC each time. What type of threaded connections can I use that will not leak? I can post a picture of my current piping if needed. Right now the supply comes out of my crawl space just above grade level, turns 90 degrees vertical to the PVB, turns 90 degrees horizontal out of the PVB then 90 degrees vertical back down into the ground. I have ball valves on both sides of the PVB with threaded PVC (male) connectors. The connectors are solvent welded to the pipe so I can't twist them off without breaking the pipe.

    I'll gladly scrap my current design for a better one.


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    The only way I can think of to easily remove and replace plumbing parts is with unions, one on each side of the device.

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    Default Thanks for the speedy reply

    I got the same answer at lunch today from a guy at the big orange box store - nice to have it confirmed by an expert here.


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