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Thread: Turbid well water

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    Default Turbid well water

    I live in Eastern NC, and have a 296' deep well with a 2hp submersible pump which has performed well for the past 6 years. Last week, my water began to look cloudy. It continued to worsen until the water was a dark gray. However, there was no obvious silt or sand in the water. I have sent off a sample for testing, and installed an in-line filter. The water has cleared some, but today, I have a significant drop in pressure, and it appears that my water heater may be back flowing onto my cold water side. Any help is appreciated!

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    Default More problems

    When I got up this morning, I have no water at all. The breaker was not tripped, but the pump is not running and the bladder tank is empty. The pressure switch appears to be ok... looks like a burned up pump motor at least.. I just hope the well hasn't run dry! Any thoughts?

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    Check that one faucet filter you installed, it's probably plugged solid.



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