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Thread: Water Meter Seal Cracked... What next?

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    Default Water Meter Seal Cracked... What next?


    I recently turned on the water meter in a rental, and as luck would have it - the water meter seal is cracked. I guess that I didn't to a proper job draining the lines over the winter...

    Can I purchase a new water meter seal at the local hardware store?

    pls advise, and thank you.

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    I think the water meter is the responsibility of the water provider to maintain, repair, and replace. The homeowner is responsibility from the meter on. Replacement is not something you can do yourself anyway. Providers get pretty contrary when homeowners mess with their meters. Many don't even want you to turn their valve off in an emergency. I'd advise you to call the city and not to touch the meter.

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    Default meter

    If your old meter reads 500,000 gallons and the new one reads 150 gallons by the time they come around to read it, guess who is going to be VERY unhappy with you, or you are going to be unhappy with the bill you get. Call the water company and they will change the meter. you couldn't buy one anyway.


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