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Thread: Help With Shower and Tub Drain/Vent

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    Default Help With Shower and Tub Drain/Vent

    I am adding an shower to a bathroom. I have removed my slab floor and excavated plenty of working space. I think I have the drain and vents for the additional shower drawn in correctly. What do you think?
    the shower drain and p-trap will be 2in as well as the vent pipe.
    the shower vent will be with in 24 inches of the p-trap and will wye into the vent for the lower toilet which vents into the main vent stack,
    The Bathtub will be inch and half drain and inch and half vent pipe until it meets the main stack vent.
    See attached drawing.
    Is the venting correct?
    will there be any problems?
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    Default dwv

    SInce you cannot vent the shower, tub, or toilet that way, it doesn't leave much that could be proper.

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    hj is right.
    You will need vents for the tub and for the shower.
    You can't tie those into the kitchen sink line without venting them.

    Since this is a slab, you only get one chance at getting it right.
    When the traps siphon themselves dry, it will be one smelly bathroom.

    Then we get questions like;

    Why is my basement bathroom so smelly.
    You can do a search, and it's a very common question.

    For $60 more in materials, you can get it right.
    It will be the best $60 you will have spent.

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    Default A better idea

    Thank you for the resounding No it will not work. But perhaps my drawing was not that clear

    I can route both vent pipes into the divider wall between the shower and tub for 42+inches and then join them and run horizontally across the ceiling of the tub and join with the main vent is this a better idea.
    thanks you for your time
    is there a problem with the shower drain long run the the kitchen drain I will keep the 1/4 inch per foot fall for the drains.
    what is the prefered distance between p-trap and vent wye.
    Last edited by hayduke2; 05-25-2008 at 12:59 AM. Reason: I did some research and re-did my drawing.

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    Default vents

    Your drawing is clear. The problem is the horizontal vents under the floor. You cannot do that unless you have a very, very, very, lenient inspector, and there are few of those around.

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    Default vertical vents

    Ok I searched far and wide on the forum and revised my plans I think I attached the wrong drawing
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