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Thread: Updating Very Old System Timer

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    Default Updating Very Old System Timer

    Does anyone know if I can buy/use a new sprinkler system timer for a very old system? Our sprinkler system was installed in 1991 with a Weathermatic timer. I would like to get a new timer with more programming options. I would like to be able to select a pre-set program and have only that program run. With the Weathermatic, if I set programs 1 and 2 and turn on the Valve Power, it will run through BOTH programs. There is no way to say run only program 1. I also wonder if the timer could be in the house instead of in the garage. Do they make remote controls so you could start the system while in the living room?


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    You can get the extra programming options with a Hunter SRC controller. Three different programs, each with their own schedules. Best of all, you can keep the controller in the garage, and connect their SRR receiver to the controller, and use the deck-of-cards-sized transmitter to operate it from inside the house, as long as there aren't masonry walls between the receiver and transmitter. Frame construction doesn't block the signals, but stone and concrete and metal will. Hunter also makes controllers with more features than the SRC, but compared to a 1991 controller, the SRC is more than enough.

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    Realize that a controller/timer does one thing. It sends an electrical signal to the valves to open them. The valves could care less what brand or complex programming option the controller has. In other words, any brand will work. It takes a hot wire from the controller to each individual valve and a common ground wire from the controller linked to each valve. You can go low tech or high tech as suits your needs and budget, but basically all a controller does is switch the zones on and off.

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    Thanks for the information Wet_Boots. I looked up the Hunter and found a local distributor. I will contact them after the holiday. I like the idea of the remote. Just the "tune-up" the old system needs.

    Thanks again.



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